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Reviewed: The Official Arduino Starter Kit

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Frankly speaking, I was having no passion for doing DIY projects till my 18 years old nephew Ramsey sat down with the official Arduino starter kit with no any prior experience. I was wondering what he will do with this kit (I was sure that he will damage the Arduino kit without creating anything), and with a cheerful surprise he made a LIGHT THEREMIN with the help of the user guide came with the kit! I cannot tell how pleasant I was feeling to see this, and soon an idea came into my mind that I can make a Review of the Official Arduino Starter Kit, so every beginner in electronics can create awesomeness. But how can I write a review without getting an experience with the official Arduino starter kit by own? So, I decided to buy and use the Arduino kit before creating this official Arduino starter kit review.

Official Arduino Starter Kit Review

A starter kit is something special, regardless for which purpose you are getting it. The Official Arduino starter kit is one of the best kits for the beginners in the electronics and robotic fields. As I have a lack knowledge of Arduino official starter kit and I want to design my own circuit and breadboard projects, I was looking to buy this Arduino starter kit since a quiet time but was unable to buy for some reason. However, I finally bought this kit last month. When I opened the box, it was like opening an Apple product. The nicely packaging of the Arduino Official Starter Kit just made my mood get started with it the same day I received it. I saw a nice colored user manual inside and beneath it, I found well-packaged copper colored boxes with different parts and components of the kit.

Arduino Starter Official Kit

Every Arduino Official Starter Kit includes an ultimate starter guide, which is a highly informative user manual helping to understand the complex of circuits easily. It guides for the step-by-step process I need to do with my Arduino official starter kit. The book has 170 pages and contains in-depth information of about 15 Arduino projects. I found it great for my starter projects with Arduino. I hardly spent about an hour to understand the step-by-step guide for the coding process and I feel so confident in making the hardcore design of my first project, thanks to this book!

The Official Arduino Starter Kit has a large number of components, too. Jumper wires, Diodes, a DC motor, an H-bridge, LCD display, and LEDs are some important part of the kit. It has a decent no of LEDs differentiated as 8 Green LEDs, 8 Yellow LEDs, 8 Red LEDs, 3 Blue LEDs, 1 Bright White LED, and 1 RGB LED. It also has some photoresistors, a Piezo, some potentiometers, an array of resistors, temperature sensors, transistors, a breadboard, optocouplers, tilt sensors and all of the above most useful Arduino UNO Board. The total number of all the components is above 200, what a large number of tools and components provided by Arduino! No any other starter kit comes with such set of components.

Arduino official stater kit

I advise you to put your Arduino UNO board and breadboard at some convenient place, better to attach them with a wooden base provided with the kit. I had nearly broken the board while I got stuck into the book and the components. Of course, we can not buy the Official Arduino Starter Kit every day!

Going to the projects definitions we can do with the official Arduino starter kit, the initial project is simple of just lightening the LED, but it is the good way to start for a beginner and to get easy with the circuits. The actual coding starts with the second project. Some of the projects you can do with this Arduino official starter kit are a ‘crystal ball’, ‘a light theremin – a musical instrument’, ‘a digital hourglass’, ‘a small keyboard instrument – to play some music or use as a simple keyboard’, ‘a touchy feel lamp’, ‘an Arduino Tweaking Logo to control your PC with Arduino’, and a lot more things. The last three projects are bit difficult, so it is not advisable for the beginner to jump directly into them. They are made for a mediator or a pro with an Arduino and electronics knowledge. The last of them help to create a master control for all of your devices with using hacking buttons!

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If you can not stick the potentiometer and the tilt switch together with the breadboard properly, then it can cause you some frustration. But it can be a good challenge to fix this problem. Nothing more is important to be called as a problem with this official Arduino Starter Kit.

So, overall, this official Arduino starter kit is not just for beginners. An expert of Arduino and electronics can also use this Arduino official starter kit for their experiments. The kit can add an extra test into their collection and for the price this kit is having, it’s totally worth to buy it.

The Arduino Official Starter kit comes with everything you want to start your first project like more than enough components, sufficient documentation for starting up with the kit, and a quality assurance from Arduino. The best thing about this kit is that it is a genuine Arduino product so you will not go wrong about the quality and efficiency of the starter kit. Arduino has really made a fantastic kit and the projects chosen and described in the guide are simply great! With this kit, you can create a number of innovative projects with your imagination and ideas.

Once you are mastered with using this Arduino official starter kit, you can create a number of projects with it. The kit is ideal for beginners and an extra butter for the pros in electronics. If you are thinking to buy this Arduino official starter kit, my only advice for you is JUST Go For IT. Buy Official Arduino Starter Kit only and be aware of not getting the fake one. Good luck for your projects with using this Arduino official starter kit!

Click here to buy Official Kit from Amazon for $85 only. [Limited Time Offer]

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Cheers to Arduino!