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Top Arduino Camera Modules (Shield)

Top Arduino Camera Modules (Shield)

As we all know, Arduino is an open source development platform which allows software and hardware based prototyping. You can build thousands of projects and applications by using the simple and easy user development experience with the Arduino. There are many brands providing a good quality Arduino camera module, but how to select the best of from them? To help our readers, we have researched and made this list of the “Top Arduino Camera Modules (Shield)”. Read ahead and find the best match for you.

Best Arduino Camera Modules

1. Arducam OV7670 CMOS Arduino Camera Sensor Module

Arducam 0.3 MegapixelsArducam has designed this 0.3 Megapixels camera module which is powered by a single power supply of +3.3V. It comes with an external oscillator which provides the clock source for the Arduino camera module.

Features of the OV7670 CMOS Arduino Camera Module from Arducam are:

  • It can be used on multiple platforms like Arduino, ChipKit, Maple, STM32, ARM, DSP, FPGA, etc.
  • For using in embedded portable apps, it operates on low voltage
  • Comes with a standard SCCB interface which is compatible with I2C interface
  • It supports image types like VGA, CIF, and size scaling down from CIF to 40×30
  • Auto adjustment of saturation level and edge enhancement
  • Can be used in applications like PDAs, Cellular Phones, Toys, and other battery powered products


2. Pixy CMUcam5 Object Tracking Arduino Camera Module

Pixy (CMUcam5) SmartThe combination of Charmed Labs and CMU has designed this smart vision sensor named as Pixy. It is an object tracking Arduino Camera Module which also supports Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black.

Features of Pixy CMUcam5 Arduino Camera Module Shield are:

  • The easy made robot vision helps you to teach Pixy and object by just pressing a button
  • You can program it as per your interested objects
  • It includes software libraries for Arduino as well as for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black
  • It communicates through interfaces like I2C, SPI, UART, USB or digital/analog output
  • The configuration utility can run on Linux, MacOS, and Windows


3. Arducam Mini Arduino Camera Shield Module with OV2640 Lens

Arducam Mini ModuleThis optimized version of the Arducam shield Rev.C comes with a high definition SPI camera of 2 Megapixels. It helps to reduce the complexity of the camera control interface.

Features of the Arducam-M-2MP Arduino Camera Module are:

  • It is specifically designed for the Arduino UNO Mega2560 Board
  • Comes with an OV2640 2MP image sensor
  • Select from the M12 mount or CS-mount lens holder and get changeable lens option
  • It is compatible with the I2C and SPI interfaces
  • Can be used for applications like IoT, robot cameras, wildlife cameras, and other battery-powered products


4. DROK® VGA OV7670 CMOS Arduino Camera Sensor Module

DROK® VGA OV7670The CMOS Arduino Camera Sensor Module from DROK comes with some automatic control functions like automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, auto adjusting white balance, black level calibration image quality control, and much more. It is perfectly mountable on your Arduino boards.

The OV7670 CMOS Arduino Camera Sensor Module from DROK has features like:

  • OV7670 Arduino camera sensor with a low-voltage, small sized VGA camera
  • It is suitable for the illumination applications with high sensitivity
  • Perfectly adjustable with the embedded applications
  • Compatible with the SCCB interface and I2C interface
  • Supports image types like VGA, CIF, and sizes from CIF to 40×30
  • Automatic adjustment of saturation and edge enhancement


5. SainSmart Infrared Night Vision Surveillance Arduino Camera Module Shield

SainSmart Infrared NightThis night vision surveillance camera module for Arduino is designed by SainSmart. It can still picture at 2592×1944 resolution and can shoot videos at 1080p, 720p, and 640x480p with its MIPI camera serial interface.

Features of the SainSmart Night Vision Arduino Camera Module are:

  • It is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi modules
  • Comes with a fixed focused Omnivision 5647 camera sensor
  • It is perfectly compatible with the various Arduino boards
  • To handle extremely high data rate, it has a BCM2835 processor
  • 5 Megapixels native resolution camera module for Arduino


6. Yosoo OV7670 Arduino Camera Module Shield

Yosoo OV7670 300KPThe Yosoo OV7670 camera module shield is specially designed to work with Arduino. The 300KP VGA camera sensor is made for image acquisition and processing application.

Features of the OV7670 Arduino Camera Module Shield from Yosoo are:

  • It is specifically designed to work with Arduino boards
  • It read images via UART serial port
  • Performs image acquisition and processing
  • It is made with the combination of plastic, PCB, and metal
  • Available in the mixture of black and blue colors


7. Waveshare OV9655 Development Kit for Arduino Camera Module

Waveshare OV9655 CameraWaveshare has designed this camera module development kit specifically to work with the Arduino boards. It is a simple digital camera based on the OV9655 camera board.

Features of the Waveshare OV9655 Arduino Camera Module Development Kit are:

  • It makes possible to take photos and record videos with your Arduino Development Board
  • It is a simple digital camera interface based on OV9655 camera board
  • Comes with a 1.3 Megapixels Camera Chip
  • CMOS SXGA Camera Sensor is perfect for Arduino devices
  • One of the top Arduino camera modules till the date


The Arduino camera module or say the Arduino camera shield is quite helpful for buffering raw images of big sizes. It allows you to capture high-resolution images without exploding the mind of your Arduino device. Each and every product from the above list of the “Top Arduino Camera Modules (Shield)” can be easily mountable on your Arduino Camera Board and comes with high-quality optics.

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