Top Arduino 3D Printer Kits of 2017

3D printing refers to procedures used to produce a three –dimensional object in which following layers of material are designed under computer control to form an object. The 3D printer kit has the ability to change 3D filament at the time of printing in order to print an object in several colors. 3D printer kit became very prevalent with students and enthusiasts who needs to make a 3D printer. The complete DIY (Do it yourself) 3D printer kit contains the electronics, stepper motors, and a hot end. It can print with 1.75mm PLA filament, and the extreme object build volume is 105 x 105 x 130 mm.

Most 3D printers are based on Arduino. Arduino Materia 101 is the first certified Arduino 3D printer. It uses an Arduino Mega 2560 with a guard exactly made for controlling 3D printers. Arduino Materia 101 is an open-source machine, from the strategy of the mechanics to the electronics and firmware, as all Arduino products.

Arduino 3D printer kit

Arduino 3d Printer Kit Reviews

1) OSOYOO Arduino 3D Printer Kit with Graphic Smart Display Controller

OSOYOO 3D Printer Kit

This Arduino 3D printer kit is intended to fit the whole electronics required for an REPRAP in one small package for low cost. It can be easily connected to Ramps board using the “smart adapter”. The smart controller supplies power for your SD card and you don’t require PC. Print your 3D designs without PC. 

  • The OSOYOO 3D printer kit includes an LCD display
  • It comes with an SD card reader and a rotary encoder
  • It comes with a RAMPS 1.6 controller and an Arduino Mega 2660 board
  • The modular design of this Arduino 3D printer kit embraces plug in stepper drivers and extruder control electronics
  • It is a low-cost 3D printer kit which helps you to build the best Arduino 3D printer


2) Kuman 3D Printer Controller Kit for Arduino

Kuman 3D Printer Controller Kit for Arduino

The Kuman 3D printer controller kit is a low-cost Arduino kit in which entire electronics is fitted for a RepRap in one small package. RAMPS interfaces an Arduino compatible Mega that has the plenty room for development. It also has one smart adapter, two cables, and one USB cable.

  • It comes with an SD card reader and a dot matrix 128×64 LCD
  • This Arduino 3D printer kit comes with Arduino Mega 2560 R3, RAMPS 1.4 3D printer controller, and A4988 stepper motor driver
  • The built-in translator in the stepper motor helps to have an easy operation
  • The kit is 100% compatible with the Arduino RepRap
  • The kit also includes detailed tutorials to provide you full information about the different Arduino projects


3) OSOYOO 2016 Super 3D Printer kit For Arduino RepRap

Osoyoos 2016 Super 3D Printer kit

With the OSOYOO 2016 super 3D Printer Kit, you can easily control your 3D printer device with Arduino. This super 3D printer kit for Arduino RepRap is a combination of Arduino Mega2560, five A4982 drivers, and RAMPS 1.4 printer kit controller.

  • This Arduino 3D printer kit comes with a high-quality MKS base V1.5 controller board
  • It includes a TFT Full-Color LCD touch-screen of 2.8-inch size
  • This board is perfectly suitable for dual-extrude printer
  • You can also use this board as a  recoverable fuse for the short-circuit protection
  • The LCD touch screen comes with an SD card slot and a USB Disk Slot
  • It is a perfect 3D super starter kit from OSOYOO to make your own 3D printer with Arduino


4) Mihappy 3D Printer Electronics Kits

Mihappy 3D Printer Electronics Kits

The Mihappy 3D Printer Electronics Kits completely well-matched with original Arduino MEGA 2560. It comes with the 3D Printer Controller RAMPS 1.4, LCD 12864 graphic smart display controller. It is planned to fit the whole electronics required for a RepRap in one small package at lower cost.

  • The modular design with plugged in stepper motors and other electronics offers you an easy service
  • The kit is eligible for the parts replacement, upgrading ability and expansion
  • The A4988 micro-stepper motor driver has a built-in translator to have an easy operation
  • This 3D printer electronics kit comes with an LCD 12864 display controller
  • The kit is perfect for the Arduino RepRap
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino Mega2560 R3 board


5) SainSmart Ramps Arduino 3D Printer Electronics Kit

SainSmart Ramps Arduino 3D Printer Electronics Kit

The SainSmart Ramps is the 3D Printer Arduino Starter Kit recognized for beginners who are interested in a 3D printer. A complete set of Sainsmart useful electronic components is presented. Sainsmart RAMPS 1.4 is a Mega Pololu shield aimed to fit the entire electronics for RepRap in one package at an affordable cost.

  • The SainSmart Arduino 3D Printer Electronics Kit comes with an A4988 breakout board for Allegro’s A4988
  • This kit contains a four line LCD display, an SD card reader, five GT2 20T aluminum pulley, two cooler fans, and other useful accessories
  • The Sainsmart Ramps 1.4 printer controller is a perfect fit for the entire electronics
  • This 3D printer kit comes with a heat sink too for cooling down the Arduino board and other electronics parts
  • With this kit, you can make a 3D printer which can be used on CNC machines and other electronic applications
  • The tiny interface design is perfect for your next Arduino 3D printer project


6) (Sintron) 3D  Printer Controller Kit For Arduino RepRap

(Sintron) 3D Printer Controller Kit For Arduino RepRap

Sintron 3D printer kit has a 3D printer controller RAMPS 1.4, a storage box, an LCD 2004 Smart Display Controller kit, an A4988 Stepper Motor Driver with Heatsink, and an Arduino –Compatible Mega 2560 R3 with USB cable. The 3D Printer Controller RAMPS 1.4 interfaces an Arduino-compatible Mega. This 3D printer controller kit from Sintron is perfect for the Arduino RepRap.

  • The kit has a modular design for an easy service and upgrade
  • The stepper motor driver is plugged on an Arduino Mega shield
  • The A4988 stepper motor is available in half, one-fourth, one-eighth, one-sixteenth, and full step modes to operate it on bipolar stepper motors
  • The kit comes with a smart LCD graphics controller display and an SD card reader
  • Other useful accessories include a Heatsink, a USB cable, a single smart adapter, one Arduino Mega2560 R3, one Ramps 1.4 printer controller, one pin header, and a storage box


The Arduino 3D printer kits which are verified under numerous situations will help you to make your own 3D printer. They are comparatively inexpensive and use simple, clear programming environment and come with replaceable parts.

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