Best Arduino Robot Kits for Adults

Best Arduino Robot Kits for Adults

Technology has gone to the next level today and keeps progressing with a blink of an eye. Technology makes our work faster, easier, and sufficient. And when we talk about the technology, we cannot ignore the robotics and the kits to create excellent and useful designs. Today, we will talk about the best Arduino robot kits. An Arduino is an open-source development platform to create interactive objects and environments with various Arduino Kits and Arduino development boards.

A best Arduino robot kit will help advance tinkerer to do in-depth programming in robotics and have an awesome designing experience. If you are a student or beginner in the field of electronics, then it is advisable that you first start with the good quality Arduino starter kits and then go for advanced programming. And if you are a pro in robotics or having an experience of designing with the Arduino, then these below Best Arduino Robot Kits will be a great choice for you.

Best Arduino Robot Kits

1) Makeblock Educational Arduino Robot Kit (IR Version)

Makeblock DIY Starter Robot kitThis Makeblock Arduino robot kit is great for creating robotic designs with Arduino programming. You can build either a robot tank or a robot car having three wheels with this amazing aluminum made Arduino Robot Kit.

Features of the Makeblock Arduino Robot Kit are:

  • It is made from blue aluminum frame and available in IR version
  • It requires no soldering
  • The robot kit from Makeblock is a combination of mechanical parts and electronic modules
  • It comes with a drag and drops graphical programming which is inspired by Scratch 2.0
  • It is an all-in-one solution for robotics learning


2) SunFounder Crawling Quadruped Arduino Robot Kit

SunFounder Remote controlSunFounder has made this Arduino Robot Kit which will help you to build a crawling quadruped robot and control it through a wireless remote control. Two li-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries are enough to power it up.

Features of the SunFounder Quadruped Arduino Robot Kit are:

  • It has four legs and each leg has 3 joints which are driven by servos
  • You can observe and control the robot with the wireless remote control included in the kit
  • You can control its movement to left, right, forward, or backward with the help of the sketches provided with the kit
  • The kit uses Arduino nano board as a controller
  • A personally recommended and one of the best Arduino robot kits


3) MeArm DIY Arduino Robot Arm Kit with MeCon Pro Motion Control Software

ArmUno 2.0 MeArmThis deluxe Arduino robot arm kit from MeArm includes structural plywood pieces, servo motors, and all fasteners needed to create and amazing robotic design. A CD-ROM with MeCon promotion control software and Arduino source code are also provided by the manufacturer.

Features of the Arduino Robot Arm Kit from MeArm are:

  • The Win OS motion control software helps you to teach and record motion paths to give your robot an automatic playback
  • You can make a desktop sized 4-axis mini industrial robotic factory arm with the help of this Arduino robot kit
  • A quick-start CD-ROM comes with the information of Arduino resource codes
  • It is a great educational resource kit for microcontrollers and robotics
  • You can use Arduino as well as Raspberry Pi microcontrollers for this kit


4) Sparki Programmable STEM Arduino Robot Kit by ArcBotics

ArcBotics Sparki RobotSparki is easy to use, affordable, and fun intro to Arduino programming, robotics, and electronics. It is a best Arduino robot kit for DIY enthusiasts, which is designed by ArcBotics.

The ArcBotics Sparki STEM Arduino Robot Kit has features like:

  • You can learn the advanced Arduino programming, robotics, and electronics with an excellent support
  • It has enough features to be used for the advanced robotics users
  • Sparki includes distance detecting sensors, three light sensors, 5 edge detection and line following sensors, magnetometer, accelerometer, remote control, LCD, and much more
  • Sparki comes with a marker holder and stepper motor wheels
  • Sparki is used for STEM (Science, Math, Engineering, Technology) and for robotics education in schools and homes


5) Robolink 11 in 1 Programmable STEM Arduino Robot Kit

11 in 1 Programmable Robot KitWith the help of this Arduino robot kit from Robolink, you can make 11 different robotic designs. This robot kit will give you a great Arduino programming experience and lets you explore the amazing robotic world.

Features of the Robolink STEM Arduino Robot Kit are:

  • You can build 11 different designs of robots with the help of this kit
  • Designs you can build includes Line following robot, rubber band gun robot, interactive game robot, edge-detection robot, and much more
  • CNET has included this kit in their ‘Top 10 notable robots at CES’s list’ in 2016
  • It has proven as an excellent addition to home and school learning curriculum for thousands of robotics students
  • It requires no soldering and comes in easy wirings
  • Simply one of the best Arduino robot kits of the year


All of the above Arduino robot kits are easy to learn, program and help you to build autonomous robots. You can design robots with infrared sensors which are able to detect obstacles and navigate with surroundings as you wish. You can make complex or simple robotics designs with the help of engineering skills, Arduino uno and a knowledge of programming. Hope you enjoyed reading of the “Best Arduino Robot Kits for Adults” and will build your own Arduino robot in the way you want.

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