How to Install & Update Arduino IDE – Basic Guide

How to Install & Update Arduino IDE

Arduino is an open-source platform based on easy to use hardware and software. This platform requires a strong IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to program the commands. IDE makes it easy for a programmer to code. All the hard work is already done by the developers of IDE and we just have to write simple code with all the help available on the web.

Today I will show you how to Install and Update Arduino IDE for Windows.

Now that you know what we are going to learn today let’s get started.

How to install Arduino IDE on Windows

Installing an Arduino IDE is a layman process. It’s easy and won’t take much of your time to install.

Steps to follow:

  1. Head on to Google and type in
  2. Open the website.
  3. Go to the Downloads section and get the latest IDE version. The current version is 1.8.3.
  4. Once downloaded install the software in directory C: Program Files.
  5. Finally, run the application.

latest IDE version

How to update Arduino IDE?

  1. Plug in your Arduino to the computer with a USB Cable. It might fail to connect for several times. But don’t lose hope try again.
  2. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Device Manager.
  3. You will see the connected Arduino board name. Right click on it and click on Update Drivers.
  4. A new window will show up click on Browse.
  5. Then Browse for the Arduino software in C: Program Files/Arduino/drivers.
  6. Click next to finish the process of updating your drivers.

update Arduino IDE

Running your First Program in IDE

You can still run your first program if you don’t know how to code or have just started learning it.

Follow this simple steps to run your first program:

1. Launch the Arduino IDE.

2. Make sure your Arduino is connected to the computer.

3. Open the Blink example sketch by going to File -> Examples -> 1.Basics -> Blink (you can run some different program, we will run Blink for this example).

Blink example sketch

4. Select the board type you are using. Go to Tools -> Boards -> your board type.

board type

5. Select the Serial port for your board by going to Tools -> Serial Port -> COMxx.

Serial port for your board

6. Once your Arduino board is connected, and the code is showing up. Click on Upload.

7. Finally, after all this hard work you’ll see the light blinking on your Arduino Board, and you will see a message Uploaded on your screen.

Congratulations! You just ran your first Arduino program.

Wrap Up

As you saw that running a program in Arduino IDE is a piece of cake which each one of us can do.

There are tons of other programs available in the IDE itself to experiment. The good thing is you can code and try out new things on your own.

I hope you learned something new and interesting today from this guide.

Let me know in the comments section what all amazing programs you have tried and tested on your Arduino kits.


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