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Best Bluetooth module for Arduino – Choose a compatible BT module

Best Bluetooth module for Arduino

Whether you are an Arduino professional or a beginner, you will need a compatible Bluetooth module to make the most out of it. The BT module works to receive data and transfer it to Arduino using the TX pin. Then, Arduino takes over to check the data and compare it. 

While the execution is fairly simple, finding a compatible BT module can be confusing. This is because there are multiple options that may suit your requirements. So, how do you determine which one you should purchase? It’s simple! We have done the homework for you. In this guide, we will cover our favorites along with each of their pros and cons. Let’s get started then.

Best Bluetooth module for Arduino

1. DSD Tech HC-06 Wireless BT Module

DSD Tech HC-06 Wireless BT ModuleWe are going to start with Amazon’s Choice! The DSD Tech BT Module is a wireless product made specifically for Arduino and the basic version of Raspberry Pi. Its features are as follows:

  • The working voltage of this module is 3.6 to 6 V.
  • The slave role is its default state.
  • You can easily make a Bluetooth switch or LED and understand Bluetooth better.
  • The default baud rate here is 9600.
  • This is a classic board that cannot work with the iPhone or iPad. If you want to use it with these devices, you will need another module.

The pros

  • Works as expected
  • Simple setup
  • The plastic case is sturdy and easy to carry

The cons

  • Does not work with iPhone or iPad


2. HiLetgo Wireless Bluetooth Module for Arduino

HiLetgo Wireless Bluetooth Module for ArduinoWith the HiLetgo BT module, you can easily add the Bluetooth feature to your projects. It is a wireless module with an RF transceiver. Some of its main features are:

  • It is compatible with Android devices and lets you control LED, switch, and other similar gadgets.
  • It has a button using which you can switch to the AT mode and execute AT commands.
  • The default is the slave role with a baud rate of 9600. The default pin is, of course, 1234.
  • The BT module has a 6-point dupont cable that allows easy connection with Arduino.
  • Please note that this module will not work with iPhones.

The pros

  • Works well once setup

The cons

  • Setup can be tricky and time consuming


3. LeaningTech HC-05 Module – For Arduino

LeaningTech HC-05 Module – For ArduinoThe LeaningTech module for Arduino is a 2-in-1 module that has master and slave roles. It has a mainstream Bluetooth chip that you can use for standard protocols. Below are a few additional features:

  • Using the button, you can enter the AT mode and execute relevant commands. Please note that only AT commands will work here. 
  • Its default rate is 9600 and the default pin is 1234. 
  • The module works well between the voltages 3.6 and 6. If you need anything lower or higher than this, you may need additional controls.
  • You can use the AT commands to switch from and to slave mode. 
  • The entire setup only needs 4 wires.

The pros

  • Pairs almost instantly
  • Works well

The cons

  • Data transfer may be slow on some devices


4. HC-05 Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Module

HC-05 Arduino Wireless Bluetooth ModuleThis is an RF transceiver module from NewZoll with fair pricing and multiple attractive features. It is one of our favorites for the reasons below:

  • The brand new module comes with multiple wiring methods for various functions. You may go through the instructions to make full use of it.
  • Using the AT commands, you can easily choose either the receiver mode or transmitter mode.
  • The module has an LED status indicator. It flashes when a connection is established. Slow flashing indicates that the module is now in the AT mode.
  • It supports 8 data bits.

The pros

  • Works very well with Android
  • Establishes instant connections

The cons

  • Tends to reset quite frequently


5. DSD Tech Bluetooth Module 

DSD Tech Bluetooth ModuleWe started with Amazon’s Choice and would like to end on the same high! The DSD Tech Bluetooth Module is a pass-through model for Arduino, which comes with a button. Once you go through its features, you will understand why it is so highly rated:

  • It is a 2-in-1 module but sadly, it does not support iOS devices.
  • It helps establish serial communication with the utmost ease.
  • Just like the others, it works mostly efficiently from 3.6 to 6V.
  • Its default rate is 9600.
  • You can connect the device using AT commands. You can also switch from master to slave and vice versa based on your preferences.

The pros

  • Lifetime technical support
  • Works as expected 

The cons

  • The documentation is inconsistent and can lead to confusion



If you are a beginner and would like some more information about Bluetooth on Arduino, please continue reading.

1) What is Bluetooth module in Arduino?

HC-05 is the Bluetooth module. It comes with default settings that can be changed based on requirements (AT commands).

2) What is the use of Bluetooth module?

It helps wireless transmission of data.

3) Does Arduino Uno have Bluetooth?

You need an Android smartphone with seamless Bluetooth to set up Bluetooth in Arduino Uno.

4) How do I transfer data from Arduino to Bluetooth module?

Pair the devices and choose HC-05. Then click on the connect button (usually red in color). 

5) Which Arduino has Bluetooth?

The Arduino BT comes with in-built Bluetooth.


Compatibility is very important when it comes to Arduino and Bluetooth modules. This is why you should be careful while purchasing one. Also, if you have an iOS device, you may not find any of our options compatible. Please search for iOS-specific BT modules instead. If you have any more doubts regarding these modules, hit us up and we will get back!

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