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Best Arduino UNO Cases of 2019

Best Arduino UNO Cases of 2017

We know that an Arduino UNO is a multi-functional open source platform to create tons of projects for different purposes. Whether you want to create a circuit for a home security system or want to tinker just for fun, Arduino UNO provides wings to your imaginations. But, as every other circuit or device needs protection, your favorite Arduino board also need a protective layer to keep it safe from the accidental damage. Check this post of the best Arduino UNO cases of 2018 and choose your favorite case. Remember that protection of your Arduino Uno is vital to keep it helpful for longer times and make it useful for your dozens of project ideas.

Best Arduino UNO Cases

1. Arduino Uno Zebra Case (Black Ice) by C4 LabsArduino Uno Zebra Case

C4 Labs has designed this zebra case especially to protect your Arduino UNO R3 board. It is one of the best Arduino cases available in the market today.

Features of Arduino UNO Case by C4 Labs are:

  • It allows you to access the top I/O pins on your Arduino UNO board and provides solid protection to the circuit
  • Stainless steel screws provide solid security for the case
  • On the bottom, it has rubber feet to prevent the slipping of the case during working on projects
  • If you have shield which needs more bottom space, you can remove the top plate
  • It has a built-in reset button for your Arduino UNO R3
  • You can attach your Arduino UNO with the surface with the help of keyhole mounts


2. GeauxRobot Arduino UNO Enclosure Clear CaseGeauxRobot Arduino UNO Enclosure Clear Case

GeauxRobot has made this clear case for protecting your Arduino UNO R3 board. It has a compact and solid design to secure the Arduino circuit.

Arduino UNO Enclosure from GeauxRobot has features like:

  • It is a clear case so that you can see your UNO R3 board clearly after pulling off the protective paper
  • You will have access to all the Arduino UNO ports
  • A reset button outside the case for an easy operation
  • An assembly guide will help you to set up the case with step-by-step instructions


3. DAOKI Uno R3 Case Arduino UNO EnclosureSunFounder Uno R3 Case Arduino UNO Enclosure

The protective Arduino UNO enclosure from DAOKI is made from the high-grade acrylic material. It provides excellent protection to your Arduino board.

Features of DAOKI Arduino UNO Enclosure are:

  • This clear case from DAOKI provides superior protection with fashion appearance
  • Eight screws add more security to the Arduino UNO case
  • The case has a pin leakage which makes it easy to connect other components with the Arduino UNO R3 board
  • High-quality material provides extra security to your favorite development board


4. SB Uno R3 Case Enclosure New Transparent Clear Arduino UNO BoxSB Uno R3 Case Enclosure New Transparent Clear Arduino UNO Box

SB Components has designed this Arduino UNO box which is a clear protective case specifically designed for the Arduino UNO R3.

The transparent Arduino UNO Enclosure Box has features like:

  • This Arduino box is a two-piece ABS enclosure with injection-molded feature which helps to place your Arduino firmly
  • You will have access to all the Arduino connectors
  • It has the reset key which is used with the Arduino UNO’s reset button
  • For tougher protection, it has secondary screw-mounting points


5. Arduino Uno Pocket Case (Gunstock) Arduino Uno Pocket Case (Gunstock)

The Arduino UNO case from C4 Labs protects your Arduino board and provide it a simple & slim look. It is made with wooden material which makes it easy to hold.

Features of Arduino UNO Pocket Case from C4 Labs are:

  • The corners of this case are blunted which minimizes the snagging while working on your projects
  • It has an integrated light pipes which allow the board indicators easily and effortlessly
  • The high-quality wood construction provides an organic field in your project
  • It is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi board


6. CODINGARRAY Transparent Hard Case Arduino UNO Enclosure

71K5lpFaIoL._AC_SL1500_This CODINGARRAY protective case is specially designed for the Arduino UNO R3 board. It is made with high-grade acrylic for providing excellent protection.

Features of CODINGARRAY Transparent Arduino UNO Enclosure are:

  • Eight screws provide better security to the Arduino case
  • Available in different colors to allow you choose your favorite
  • Uniquely designed for the Arduino UNO R3 with a pin leakage to provide easy connection with other components
  • Transparent case allows you to see your Arduino UNO quite clearly
  • One of the best Arduino cases available today


7. Arduino Uno & Ethernet Shield Transparent Acrylic Case EnclosureArduino Uno & Ethernet Shield Transparent Acrylic Case Enclosure

This is a transparent Arduino UNO enclosure box made by Crisp Concept Ltd. It is a super quality product with laser etching.

The Arduino UNO Enclosure from Crisp Concept has features like:

  • It is a brand new enclosure computer box which is compatible with Arduino UNO board
  • It comes as a flat packed and unassembled in six pieces
  • High-quality acrylic material provides extra protection
  • One-inch inner height is perfect for the UNO R3 development board
  • This transparent case is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi and Ethernet shield
  • You need to peel off the protective paper that comes on the pieces of this clear case
  • This case is so well crafted that it can hold two boards
  • Simple and easy to assemble process



An Arduino UNO Controller is a heart of your many electronics projects, and so you require a best case to protect it from the damage. And this post of the best Arduino UNO cases of 2018 will help you to find the best protection solution for your Uno board. Choose your favorite Arduino UNO Enclosure and become free of worrying about the accidental damage to your development board while working on a project.

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