Teensy vs Arduino – Which board is perfect for you?

Teensy vs Arduino

Welcome to an entire article dedicated to the Teensy and the Arduino! Read on for exciting details that will help you choose the right board. (You can thank us later.)

A brief introduction

Teensy and Arduino are circuit boards or development boards that use circuits to translate the input into output. The input is, of course, a code, while the output is an action. The action could be something as simple as turning the light on to more complex outputs. If you can write a code for it, the boards will transform them into action.

There are two very common boards on the market today – Arduino and Teensy. Even though their function is the same, there are significant differences between them. It is important to keep these in mind during purchase so that you don’t end up with the wrong boards. To help you further, we have spoken about each in detail.


519-y7vsUrL._AC_Arduino is the board that made programming very easy. Before Arduino, developers struggled with microcontrollers and the results were quite difficult to grasp and use. This lovely circuit board brought an open-source platform into the picture making life easy for everyone involved. 

Arduino boards are known for having multiple analog and digital inputs along with USB I/O and voltage reduction. These features simplify code uploading – something that was a pain before these boards were launched.

3 Arduino boards have been released in the recent past. They are:

  • Arduino Uno – it has 14 pins and 6 analog inputs
  • Arduino Nano – it has 14 pins and 8 analog inputs
  • Arduino Micro – it has 20 pins and 12 analog inputs

You may choose one of these based on the applications you have in mind.


61L65+EeAVL._SL1000_Teensy is also a microcontroller, manufactured by Paul Stoffregen. Paul wanted to design a board that was an improvement on Arduino. So he took all the features that Arduino offers and added a few more to them. Thus, Teensy is versatile just like its competitor but also provides a lot of flexibility that only ARM-based microcontrollers usually boast of. 

There are multiple Teensy boards but the most common one is Teensy 3.6. It is a 32-bit circuit board with a floating point unit. It offers quite a few interesting features such as the following:

  • A microSD USB slot
  • Compatibility with MacOS, Linux, and Windows
  • Pushbutton programming
  • Compatibility with all USB devices
  • Compatibility with Arduino libraries and software
  • Automatic mode

Teensy vs Arduino

If you think about the overall benefits, Teensy is the right choice because it is more powerful. It is capable of doing more than any of the Arduino boards. However, if you are a beginner, you won’t need the Teensy at all. Arduino is more user-friendly in this regard, especially Arduino Uno. This is because Arduino Uno is the simplest of them all. 


What is better – Arduino Nano or Uno?

For simple tasks, you can use Nano. If you want to use the board for multiple applications, Uno is the way to go.

Which Arduino is best for beginners?

Uno and Nano, both are ideal for beginners. Nano is the simplest one but has its limitations too. So, our vote goes to Uno.

Why is Arduino not used in the industry?

Since Arduino is open-source, it cannot be used in the industry.

What is the difference between Arduino IDE and the board?

IDE is basically the software that the board uses. The board, on the other hand, has everything you need for programming including a voltage regulator and a micro-controller.


Please keep in mind that there cannot be a template response to this question because the right one depends on personal requirements. Every board has pros and cons – none of them is “perfect” for every user. Kindly use this article as a guide, thus, to determine which one you should go for.

If there are any more doubts, you know what to do! Talk to us now through comments.

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