List of Best Arduino Starter Kit Available Online

If you are an electronic geek or have a passion for electronics and robotics, but you are not sure where to start from, then the Best Arduino Starter Kits are a reliable way to begin. The Arduino starter kits are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. There are lots of open source code and the examples of Arduino projects freely available online. You can buy one of these Best Arduino starter kits and start your seamless journey in electronics.

Without any further ado let’s start the list of the “Best Arduino Starter Kits”.

1) The Official Arduino Starter Kit From Arduino (With Arduino Projects Book of 170 Pages)

Arduino official stater kit

This official Arduino starter kit is introduced by It is one of the best Arduino Starter Kits providing a good way to get started with your first Arduino project and coding with electronics. The official Arduino starter kit includes a project book having 15 easy and fun projects with step-by-step tutorial guide covered in 170 pages. The Arduino Uno R3 board comes with the kit which helps you to build creative projects with sensors and actuators. The kit is highly recommended for the beginners. You can also buy Arduino Kit directly from Amazon.


2) SunFounder Arduino Uno R3 Mega 2560 Mega 328 Nano Project Super Starter Kit

SunFounder Arduino Starter Kit

Super starter kit with an Arduino Mega 2560 Mega 328 kit from SunFounder is an updated version of the previous SunFounder Super Arduino Starter Kit with Mega 2560 R3 and one of the Best Arduino Starter Kits. The kit has 19 projects which are easy to learn and implement for the beginners who are interested in Arduino. The kit includes a full set of most useful and common electronic components of Arduino with schematic diagrams and breadboard images. The source code is also included with the detailed tutorial of the project introduction. You can buy SunFounder Arduino Super Starter Kit from Amazon with either UNO R3 board or with a Mega 2560 R3 development board.


3) Gbargin Robot Car Kit for Arduino ( L298N Motor Driver Robot Smart Car kit )

Gbargin Robot Car Kit

This is the 4 wheel, Bluetooth utility motor driving robot smart car kit from Gbargin. It is made for Arduino and having an infrared remote communication module which makes it a remote controlled smart car made from intelligence robotics, which puts it in the top positions in the list of the best Arduino starter kits.

The Gbargin Robot car kit having functionalities like:

  • Remote control functions
  • Tracking and obstacle avoidance using sensors
  • Extended external circuit module
  • Contains a lot of fun procedures
  • Can be controlled by an Android phone’s Bluetooth system
  • L298N driver module and a real isolation with a microcontroller
  • Contains economic and environment-friendly batteries and chargers

This Arduino starter kit is designed to provide a better learning experience with an Arduino microcontroller rather than of a boring theoretical knowledge.


4) Vilros Uno Ultimate Ethernet Starter Kit ( Including 72 Pages Instruction Book)

Arduino with ethernet kitVilros introduces the ultimate Arduino Uno Starter Kit which enables you to get started with hundreds of Arduino electronic projects. It includes the Uno R3 board and R3 Ethernet shield which is compatible to Arduino. The kit includes the 72-page book with full colored instructions, that help you to build your design easily. The kit covers a total of over 190 electronic components and parts. Few of the main parts includes USB cable, LEDs, Breadboard, Holder, DC Motor, Jumper Wires, Small Servo, Relay, etc. Go through the instructions guide and you will master the basics of using the components. Build your own custom project using your skills. The list of the best Arduino starter kits cannot be completed without including this Ultimate Arduino Uno Starter Kit from Vilros.


5) Osoyoo UNO R3 Board Kit for Arduino Starter DIY

Osoyoo UNO R3 Board Kit

The Osoyoo Arduino starter kit is specially developed for the beginners who are interested in getting started with Arduino DIY projects. The kit is fully compatible with Arduino Uno R3. It includes a set of most useful electronic components of Arduino. The kit is tested and selected carefully, so beginners can use it without any hesitation and can operate the kit easily. If you finish all the projects with this kit successfully, then you can introduce yourself as an intermediate Arduino player! We are feeling very happy and excited by putting this kit in our list of the best Arduino Starter Kits.


6) Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit with LCD module and 72 page Instruction Book

Arduino Ultimate Starter Kit

The Arduino Uno ultimate starter kit is manufactured by Vilros and have the specifications and features to be eligible for included in the list of the Best Arduino Starter Kits. The kit includes Arduino Uno R3 board which helps you to get started with hundreds of Arduino projects. It also includes a 16*2 LCD module with a soldered pin header which can be used for all the Arduino LCD projects. The kit is very useful for beginners as well as for the experts of Arduino programming. You will know all things about Arduino and how you can use Arduino with the help of this best Arduino starter kit. The kit contains a full-colored manual of 72 pages that will help you to learn the basic Arduino programming. The book also includes step-by-step tutorials to use each component in the kit.


The Best Arduino Starter Kits are a good knowledgeable and self-learning resource for the rookies in the robotics field and who are just beginning with their initial Arduino projects. The kits are also recommended for the pros in Arduino programming and electronics and who want to enhance their skills by making complex designs with easy-to-use tools and components.

Hope you enjoyed the reading of the list of the Best Arduino Starter Kits and have an eagerness to start your own Arduino project with one of these kits. We are always looking for valuable thoughts of our readers and give importance to their helpful suggestions. So, we welcome you for any inputs you want to provide us.


Arduino Starter Kits

We are continually researching for the latest and recommended Arduino starter kits and will update this list with new awesome kits that we find. So stay connected with us and build your own innovative design with Arduino.

Arduino Starter Kit Comparison:

Arduino Official Starter Kit Vilros Ultimate Starter Kit
Price $69.98 $54.99
Arduino Board Arduino UNO R3 Arduino UNO R3
Book 170-pages 72-pages
15 Projects 12 Projects
Total Resistors 65 65
Capacitors 5(100 µF) 65
H-Bridge L293D Y
Optocoupler 4N35 1
Timer 555
Trim Pot 10K
LCD Display 16 * 2 Available for $62.99
8*8 Dot Matrix Display
Transistors 2 (IRF520) 2 (2N3904T)
Push-Button 10
Shift Resister 74HC595N
Breadboard 30 rows 30 rows
7-Segment Display
USB Cable Y Y
Diodes 5 2
DC Motor Y Y
Servo Notor Y Y
5V Relay Y
Total LED 29 21
Piezo Buzzer Y Y
Potentiometers 3
Temp Sensor Y Y
Photoresistors Y Y
Tilt Sensor Y
Accelerometer ADXL335

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